By County Diary

Makueni county

The Makueni I Want Movement has called on the South Eastern Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB) member Counties to support Punguza Mzigo bill but only if it captures the recommendations of the Building Bridges Initiative.

The lobby through it’s Chairman Josephat Musoma has written to the Thirdway Alliance requesting them to suspend the push for a constitutional amendment until the the conclusion of the state funded BBI which has a loyal public support and a huge political good will.

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He further called on Ukambani Counties to support the bill once tabled in their Assemblies as it is the only way to cub corruption and the ballooning wage bill in favour of development.The former Makueni Parliamentary aspirant however expressed concern on the need for a more consultative and inclusive approach. “As much as we would want to wish them away punguza mzigo campaign is gaining currency across counties but the drafters of the bill have no choice but to reach out to the BBI team coz they need support from Parliament where they lack representation”~Musoma said

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The bill seeks to strengthen devolution by appropriating more funds to Counties, making Senate a upper house with veto powers on National Assembly’s legislation and reducing the number of MPs and transferring the CDF functions to MCAs. According to Third Way Alliance who drafted the bill every County shall have two MPs,a male and a female to solve the two third gender rule.

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While expressing his support for punguza mzigo the Human Rights Activist cum politician warns that the bill might be dead on arrival if it doesn’t address the winner-take-it-all menace in Presidential election. “There is need for an hybrid or Parliamentary system of governance to mitigate this Kenyan emotive politics” he added.