UDA MCA Deborah Mutuku donates books & Pens To pupils in Mulango Primary schools



On Monday 27th Feb 2023 – Nominated UDA Member of Kitui County Assembly hon Deborah Mutuku escalated her donation of exercise books and pens to several primary schools in Mulango Ward, kitui central.

Hon Deborah Mutuku was hosted by Mulango ward MCA Hon Peter Mwanza, Mutonguni MCA Hon Benjamini Mulandi went with her to all primary schools during the donation of books and enclosures.

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Hon Deborah has been going around the county of kitui to donate books to pupils in several primary schools.

Her zeal to touch the child of kitui by donating learning materials has been lauded by the majority of leaders and the populace.

“whenever she visits any of forty (40) wards, she is ever hosted by the area MCA for smooth operation” TCD Digital reports.

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The MCAs, visited kamuti primary school, Maini primary school, and Ndetani Primary school for donation of books and other necessities.