UDA Kitui Camp degenerate as Aspirants blame Top county Leadership, THREATEN to Quit



The UDA camp in kitui county is currently facing unprecedented turmoil, frustration and unrest; the good once party of choice in kitui has continued to degenarate as frustrated aspirants quit to run on different parties.

Mwingi Central MCA hon Philma, Nzambani MCA Ruth Kyene, MCA Ndile and kitui rural Mp aspirant hon Paul Mutisya have all moved to other parties citing frustration and lack of leadership from kitui team.

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The latest case is the UDA Parliamentary for kitui South hon Kilonzi Muthami who is threatening to quit the party for the reasons better known to him.

This blatant arrogance by UDA leaders in Counties 015, 016 & 017 will cost WSR dearly.
Hii madharau mtawacha đŸ”¥” Muthami wrote on his social media.

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Speaking to the TCD, the UDA Parliamentary candidate for kitui south, Mr Muthami Kilonzi confirmed, that there are issues that needs to be addressed to make the party vibrant again.

Yes, Kuna mchezo mbaya wanacheza, the reason many of us are walking out. It will be messy, noisy and with a few casualties bro”. But I will go up to the ballot in the August general election. He added