Tseikuru Burial Ceremony offered More than I Anticipated ?



    By david Musili

    1. Kenya was discussed, her private dashboard.
    a). Her status, debt vs development.
    b). Her politics in 2022, possible alliances and possible candidates.

    2. Kitui’s politics
    As of others tried to discusses the body language of the day at the event, which hints clear direction from today onwards especially on the Gubernatorial level.

    My heroes today :

    1. Governor Ngilu
    For noting Women ought to be recognized as well. I challenge youth(ladies/girls) to catch up with Governor’s initiative and occupy that ‘space’ she is creating.

    2. Sen. Mutula Kilonzo jnr

    The issue of under age girls getting pregnant needs serious advocacy. I really applause Mutula for raising the matter even when it looked off the curve.

    3. Hon. Musalia Mudavadi

    Spot on with charisma on corruption and the debt which President justified as necessary.

    4. Sen. James Orengo

    Unity is paramount we all know, but I strongly believe that we still need that courageous loud voice that will say it in black and white. Assembly majority leader hon Duale of this country need to be properly guided because “dualism” is a key component in dividing Kenya. He is the only politician who satisfied the ‘little goon” in me?

    I slightly disagree with:1. President Uhuru
    “If you are raising a need go to His office, proceed to the people when it’s discussed and agreed”

    As long as you the President of the Republic of Kenya we shall always ask for your help both in your office and in any gathering. I admire Governor Ngilu’s determination to make sure it’s done, Ata kama ni kwa ndege ama corridor Mtukufu rais utaulizwa for the sake of Musangi. Sen. Kiio, Irene Kasalu and Rachael kaki must tell you about insecurity threat of our people.

    2. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka

    I know it is important to support President uhuru for the sake uniting Kenya.

    But when you vowed to support Mr. President especially the way you did it, I was left with a cocktail of confusion, shock, left alone… What is this feeling of eee. .. ‘We have jumped a step. ‘

    In conclusion,I really congratulate Kenya for uniting.BUT, I will only walk tall when Kenya and Kitui will strive for a better economy for the sake of me/mwananchi