Truth stands between Law and Love to balance them. Law without Love becomes cruel and lifeless. Love without Law becomes powerless. Truth is what balances them and infuses into them the power inherent in both.

The Law was meant for man but not man for the Law, but as true as that is, we can’t accept people breaking the law whenever they feel like. That would breed chaos. So Truth must come in to make sure that man and the Law exist peacefully and purposefully.

All this is again a question of how aware you are of the three: Law, Truth and Love. Your level of consciousness development will determine how you apply them in real-life situations. Pilate did not know the Truth, he only knew the Law, and that’s why he could not apply Love to save Jesus from crucifixion.

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He knew Jesus was innocent but he had no power to save him from the murderous mob. The Wisdom of Solomon was lacking in him at that moment. Truth, Love and Wisdom go together. These make sure that the Law works for a man not against him.

It is interesting to see how Jesus dealt with Lawbreakers. The self-righteous men who dragged the adulterous woman to Jesus knew only the Law. But Jesus confounded them with Love and Wisdom. He did not condone breaking the Law but he neither condemned the Lawbreaker. He told the woman; “Neither do “I” condemn thee, go and sin no more”.

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“I Am the Truth”, or in easy language, “I Am” is the only Truth. It is only this existential knowing of “I Am” which brings the balance between Law and Love. When you don’t know “I Am”, when you haven’t experienced the answer to the existential question; “Who Am I”?, you will always be torn between the extremes of the Law and Love.


When you are in Truth, you will behold the beautiful “Loving Lawfulness” of life everywhere. You will never struggle between being lawful or being loving. You will experience the perfect dynamic equilibrium of the two.

Only in Truth do we realise that “Love is the fulfilment of the Law”.