By. Our Reporter

Man almost lives in lies, because they are comfortable, convenient. You don’t have to make much effort to find a lie. The whole of society is ready to give you all kinds of lies – but truth is an individual search.

Lies are a social invention.

So whenever truth is discovered, there is trouble. You have lived all your life in lies – beautiful lies – and suddenly you find your whole life collapsing.
To choose truth, first you have to make an immense effort to find it. Second, when you find it, you suddenly also find that the whole of society is against you – the whole world is against you.

If you want to live according to your own truth, you have to face the whole world: your job may be lost, your wife may divorce you, your parents may abandon you; your priests will condemn you, your politicians will be against you. Suddenly you find yourself in an immense world, absolutely alone.

You have to depend on this society in a thousand and one ways, and this society wants you to live according to its lies – hence the trouble.

But it is only on the outside that finding the truth creates great turmoil in your life. As far as your inner world is concerned, when you find the truth for the first time you are at home, at ease, relaxed, strong – so strong that you alone are enough to face the whole world. Those troubles are trivial.

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What you find with the truth is such a treasure, that once you have known it you cannot exchange it for lies.

So it is true that there is trouble. But it is only half true: it is only on the outside – and that too because you have not become accustomed to truth yourself. Once you see its strength, its power – then the whole world seems to be impotent. You can fight it, you can make your way, you can live your life according to your own light, and for you there is no trouble. For others there may be!

But the truth has such great strength, such tremendous power of its own, that there is no need to be worried about it. Why are other people worried? Why are they creating trouble?

They are worried and creating trouble because your truth makes them aware of their own lies; and that they don’t want. To know one’s own lies and go on living them is the most torturous experience; they would like to remove you.

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You have become a stranger, an outsider. You don’t believe in their God, you don’t believe in their heaven and hell; you don’t believe in all kinds of superstitions which they think are of great value.

But before your truth, their lies start disappearing like darkness.

You have found the light: now the whole darkness of the world cannot do any harm to the light. Just a small flame of light is more powerful than all the darkness of the universe.

But certainly those who are living in darkness and have become accustomed to it, have molded their lives according to it, will find it too much of a revolution. And people don’t want to change – because every change means learning to live again: each change is a new birth. They had become comfortable; they were living with the crowd with all its superstitions; they were respectable, honored.

Your truth certainly makes them aware that their whole life has been just a castle made of sand; just a little breeze of truth and it will collapse. To save their own sandcastles they will create every kind of trouble for you.

But the man of truth is able to accept all the troubles, because what he has got inside himself is so blissful, is so great, is so immortal… who cares about small troubles? The job may be lost, the wife may escape, the parents may disinherit… all that is of no meaning compared to what you have got within you.

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Those people don’t know what you have got within you – so there is trouble. But it is not for you.

Only in the beginning will you feel suddenly taken out of the comfort of society, the coziness of the crowd. But as you become more and more aware of your inner warmth, you don’t need any crowd.

You alone are enough.

Truth is such a nourishment, such an ultimate achievement, that now you can lose your life very easily – sacrifice it, because you have found something greater than life; you have found the very source of life, from where all life arises.

So don’t be worried about trouble. It is because of trouble that millions of people never think about truth. They feel it is better to go on following the crowd of sheep and never declare their lion’s roar.