TRICKERY: Chinese Contractors in Kitui Adopt New Tricks to Evade Tax


The Controversy between the County Government of kitui and the International company doing kitui kibwezi road is far from over, it is alleged that the contractors have hatched yet another scheme to evade paying the county levies, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The Chinese contractors are now using private lorries to ferry Sand and ballasts after the Ministry of environment and naturally led by no-nonsense chief officer Mr. Clement Munyithya impounded several lorries for engaging in cat and mouse game with officers.

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The company is said to have been slapped with an invoice by the county Government Revenue Officers Under the strict instructions of the Governor Ngilu for carrying sands from kitui river banks without paying the required county government charges.

According to county revenue officers, the contractors have been asked to comply with the requirements and pay the required charges for the smooth running of their work in line with county government finance act, but are said to have refused to comply and are adopting to Panya routes schemes to circumvent the law.