Tractor Ploughing Changing the Face of Farming in Kitui


Friday, march 2019

By Barrack Muli
The subsidized tractor ploughing in Kitui launched early this month continues to benefit residents in the 8 sub counties.

The plan, whose goal is to aid farmers afford mechanized services at a reasonably priced fee has been hailed by farmers in all the corners of the vast county, with majority expressing approval for the idea.

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In one of the villages in Kitui East, Maalatani Village, Mumo Nguthi – a farmer in the area says the initiative is timely and commends the County Government’s effort to support the food production agenda as key element of development.

According to the farmer, the county government’s input has seen an actual conversion of the agricultural sector saying the plan is timesaving and pocket friendly equated to the private tractor hiring.
“The idea is good. Most of us cannot afford private hiring of tractors that cost between sh.3000 to sh.3500 per acre” he said.

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On her part, Gladys Mwikali, a resident of Ithangathi voiced joy in the project noting that the otherwise exorbitant services had been availed by the county government to boost farmers at a friendly cost.

“We struggled through oxen ploughs for long. I welcome the introduced programme gladly”. Said Mwikali.
The plan will continue in phases to ensure many residents benefit from the strategy.

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