Tourism Executive Hon koki Musau Takes Ngilu Gift to father Paul Mathenge – Catholic Event.


Kitui Executive Member incharge of Tourism, culture and Sports hon koki musau on Saturday attended Catholic event in kyangwithya east.

The event was attended by several leaders including kitui central member of Parliament Dr makali mulu.

The minister was representing kitui Governor Ngilu in kyangwithya East for Catholic church event where faithful from
Migwani parish, Mutomo, kitui boma are visiting parents of father Paul mathenge.

The minister who is gifted in how he drives his points to musangi Left members yaning for more .

The minister started by telling faithful about the manifesto of kitui governor charity.from water and agriculture to health and sanitation to education and ICT , trade and cooperative development among other Miniseries departments .

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The Minister took the opportunity to request the residents to register massively for kitui Health insurance cover saying sickness is for the rich and the poor.

The active minister gave the father Paul the governor’s Ngilu gift the residents were very much appreciative

The minister hon koki Musau called political leaders in kitui to refrain from unnecessary politicking saying its time to work for the people of kitui

The residents of kyangwithya east were very happy for the governor Ngilu for having initiated many projects across the county

The popular minister to wiriri aka kwenze kweze took took the opportunity to outline several projects done by the county government of kitui.

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He also moved the crowd when he asked fathers to deny Sakalamendi to those who are engaging in negative politics.

The Catholic fathers assured the residents of kyangwithya east that they are behind the governor Ngilu .