Top Journalist Anne Kiguta Makes Corporate Blunder


By yoana kimwele 🐦

OPINION: MediaMax Top Media host Anne Kiguta last night Made a corporate Mistakes by openly disagreeing with her boss after the Management of the K24 cancelled the Kiaru Member of Parliament hon Ndindi Nyoro interview.

Although it was a good reporting from her side – What she did was not right and was a populist act.

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She is trying to show us that an employee can have a different view from the employer on matters relating to the organization: which is a lie.

The best step is usually to resign or ignore the whole matter, If she has the balls she should go the Alex Chamwada Way..

She made a corporate blunder end of Quote.

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She needed to have accepted the mistake as her own and that of the organization. She should have apologized and own the mistake as K24’s including herself..

She knew from the word go that K24 does admit Tangatanga men; why then did she decide to set up Nyoro with the organization?

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Why invite someone to a place you know he will not be admitted? It’s very unfair for her to have treated the MP like that.

She might be suspended soon or she might be in the list during the next firing or downsizing of K24 workers. .

Although, True journalists are not feeble hearted – They are dare devils and that’s what ticks in media!