To find the Unchanging In you is to be enlightened


By Steven Mutua

In the morning you get up, the whole day you work – millions of occupations, meetings, relationships.

Everything changes, many moods come and go; sometimes you feel angry, sometimes you feel happy, sometimes you feel sad and sometimes very joyful, and sometimes negative and sometimes positive.

Everything changes – just like the weather, everything changes. In the day you are awake, in the night you have to go to sleep. In the day you think, in the night you dream. Everything goes on like a flux. Find out one thing in this whole flux which remains the same… that is witnessing.

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In the night you witness dreams; dreams change but the witnesser, the witnessing remains the same. In the day you witness moods: sadness, anger, happiness. Moods change but the witnessing remains the same. Healthy, you witness health; unhealthy, you witness illness. Rich, you witness wealth; poor, you witness poverty. One thing continuously remains the same and that is witnessing.

And everything else is caused. This witnessing is not caused.

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Somebody says something, appreciates you, you feel happy – it is caused. A friend comes to see you and you feel happy – it is caused. Somebody says something, insults you, you feel unhappy – it is caused. The weather is not good, you feel sad and depressed – it is caused. The weather is sunny, you feel good, vibrating, moving, active – it is caused. If in the day you have not eaten, in the night you dream that you are eating delicious things – it is caused.

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Look at things which happen to you. Are they caused? If they are caused don’t bother much about them; they belong to the world of the illusion. You are in search of the uncaused. Witnessing, you will find, is the only uncaused thing. It is not caused, nobody causes it.

Just look: happiness, unhappiness, sadness, joy, they come and go, they are beggars around you.

The witnessing remains the very center, uncaused, unchanging, one. Seek that within you and then everything becomes clear. When you are clear within, everything is transparent. The truth is everywhere.