There is An Investment In Every Misery


by county diary.

There is blessing in every hard life experience, It takes someone with broad mind to see it, The people who persecute you even without  knowing it some of them are Agents of the Lord,

These are  people who cant get your attention other than by narrating a miserable episode or state of affairs in your their life.

They are afraid if they share a happy story, you may not care!
You have investments in your misery.

If you want those investments you will have to learn to live with the misery; if you want to drop the misery, you will have to drop those investments too. Have you watched it, observed it? – if you talk about your misery to people, they give great sympathy to you. Everybody is sympathetic to the miserable man. Now, if you love getting sympathy from people you cannot drop your misery; that is your investment. The miserable husband comes home, the wife is loving, sympathetic.

The more miserable he is, the more his children are considerate of him; the more miserable he is, the more his friends are friendly towards him.Everybody takes care of him.
The moment he starts becoming happy they withdraw their sympathy, of course – a happy person needs no sympathy.

The more happy he is, the more he finds that nobody cares about him. It is as if everybody becomes suddenly hard, frozen. Now, how can you drop your misery? You will have to drop this desire for attention, this desire for getting sympathy from people.

In fact, it is very ugly to desire sympathy from people – it makes you a beggar. And remember, sympathy is not love; they are obliging you, they are fulfilling a kind of duty – it is not love. They may not like you, but still they will sympathize with you. This is etiquette, culture, civilization, formality – but you are living on false things. Your misery is real and what you are getting in the bargain is false. Of course, if you become happy, if you drop your miseries,

” it will be a radical change in your life-style; things may start changing., You cannot let go of things that are causing you misery because you have not yet seen the investments, you have not yet looked deeply into them.

You have not seen that there is some pleasure you are deriving out of your misery. You will have to drop both – – and then there is no problem.
In fact, misery and pleasure can only be dropped together. And then arises bliss. Bliss is not pleasure, bliss is not even happiness. Happiness is always bound together with unhappiness and pleasure is always bound together with pain. Dropping both. You want to drop misery so that you can be happy – that is an absolutely wrong approach. You will have to drop both. Seeing that they are together, one drops them; you cannot choose one part. In life, everything has an organic unity. Pain and pleasure are not two things. Really, if we make a more scientific language, we will drop these words: pain and pleasure. We will make one word: painpleasure, happinessunhappiness, daynight, lifedeath. These are one word because they are NEVER separable. And you want to choose one part: you want to have only the roses and not the thorns, you want only the day and not the night, you want only love and not hate. This is not going to happen – this is not the way things are.

You will have to drop both, and then arises a totally different world: the world of bliss. Bliss is absolute peace, undisturbedness, neither disturbed by pain nor disturbed by pleasure.

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