The Young Senatorial Aspirant To Usher New Financial Order In Kitui


Kitui top Senatorial aspirant Mr Syengo Nyamai christened Senator Mteule is not your usual financial and development political prototype.

He is a financial development technocrac possesing a rare mettle in public resources governance buoyed by a Bachelors degree in finance from University of Nairobi and propped up with an MBA from the same prestigious institution. Masters- finance & economics.

A career banker with hands on experience spanning 10 years, Mteule is currently a businessman based in Nairobi working in the financial sector

A reknown leader of various groups focused in social economic development, Mteule is currently coordinating a sustainable community water project for Nthilani community in Lower Yatta which will expand to other areas of Kitui County.

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Speaking to COUNTY DIARY, Mteule offered some key reasons why he is seek the Oversight Leadership position as the third Senator for Kitui County.

For one he is young, go getter, and energetic he has the vigor and believes that the time for youth is now.

Explaining the reasons why he is best suited as the senator at the helm of Kitui County watchdog at the tower, Mteule driving force is his personal defend interest to defend the arid Kitui County at national level.

I am more than ready. The teeming defranchised masses of Kitui County need a vibrant, transparent and courageous defender. Am ready for that high calling” he says.

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Adding that as the senator who would push for actualization of peoples budget and not interests of few, Mteule will also mediate for smooth operations between the CA and Cogvt.

Muteule Sen. Aspirant: .I ll push for tangible development, priority water,roads…and follow up on daily basis for implementation, The wider vision of uniting kamba nation irrespective of party alignments.

Catch him on County Fm on Monday morning talk show.

(Edited by PATRICK KIMANZI – Associate Editor)