The War with the Camel Herders Taken to Parliament as Speaker approves Mp Nimrod Mbai’s bill.



For a long time, the bordering community between Kitui and tanariver which has always experienced differences over camels invasion is finally coming to end.

The bill by popular Kitui east member of parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka which seeks to amend the existing laws has been approved by the speaker and taken to the relevant committees for deliberation.

“They say you can only make a difference when on the right side of the law”, the foray by marauding camels from the neighbouring counties which time to time keeps invading parts of Kitui county has been taken to Parliament as Speaker approves Mp Nimrod Mbai’s bill. The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

The conflict with the Camel Herders which has seen a lot of people lose lives in Kitui county is arguably coming to an end.

The bill Sponsored by Kitui East Member of parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai Seeks to Make it a capital offence, for camel herders who keep moving from counties to counties, without the Authority From chiefs and Vet officers.

Kitui East Mp Hon Nimrod Mbai goes into history as the first member of National assembly from kitui to Sponsor a bill that seeks to repeal penal code in the history kitui county.

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The proposed legislation seeks to address the Following―rampant cattle rustling;
livestock movement from one county to another county to control livestock diseases, livestock theft and conflict over pasture and water;
protection of consumers from products not classified as meat products; and licensing and insuring of livestock and livestock products.

The bill, therefore, seeks to amend the following statutes―
the Penal Code- to amend the penal code to provide for steeper punishment where one steals livestock to the same punishment as robbery with violence;

the Animal Diseases Act (Cap.364) to amend the Act to― provide for movement of livestock from one county to another county where such movement shall be certified by the County Veterinary officer and authorized by the County Commissioner or Sub County commissioner or chief from both the County of origin and destination;

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Provide that livestock movement permits to be issued by the Chief and certified by the Veterinary officer of the location of origin;
no objection permits to be issued by the Chief and certified by Veterinary officer of the Location of destination;

Provision of mandatory electronic codes to be used to identify livestock from each of the 47 Counties using randomly inserting electronic chips in livestock;

The Stock and Produce Theft to introduce a provision in the Act that will provide for cabinet secretary in charge of livestock to establish insurance cover for all animals which are branded, the cover to include; theft of the animals; effects of drought and other natural calamities.

Once the bills go through the assembly and are assented into law, it will be a breakthrough in the fight against cattle rustling and animal invasion in Kenya.

The bill seeks to change the other three related laws as indicated in the 3 Bills Which Seeks to bring an amendment Bill to the Livestock and Produce Theft act, to include animal disease act and penal code, the first-ever amendment in Kenya since the independence.