The Untold Truth about Kitui industrial revolution,Kicotec


The Kitui textile industry (KICOTEC)is becoming a brand name for Kitui county. By any standards it is a great idea of an investment by a county government, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

The fact that this innovative venture created instant jobs for more than 350 of the most deserving of kituians, is worth noting, appreciating and supporting.

The skills, experience and hope instilled in the minds and soulsa of this deserving group is of great value to the community. The multiplayer effect of the money circulating from this industry has great economic impact.

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The imagination that similar factories Will be build up in mwingi and mutomo should create excitement to the unemployed youth.

The county governments and lovers of devolution must celebrate Kitui and H.E CK Ngilu, KICOTEC is a show case for more resources to the counties at this time of push for Constitutional change.

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The President of Kenya,H.E Uhuru Kenyatta voted for KICOTEC, same as H.E Kyle MacCater,Amb.US .Mose kuria and The Sanate were happy with it.Many local institutions, investors, partners and county governments have given it a clean bill of health.

Noting all this, what must we do as kituians? The noble thing to do as leaders, community, and individuals is to like, support and market our products.
Let us be proud of our county and market it to the world.