The Untold Success Story of Devolution in Kitui


The best gift for the people of Kenya was the promulgation of the 2010 constitution which gave birth to the devolved county governments in Kenya.

Development in counties illustrates the hope of devolution in attaining inclusive growth for the country. Kitui is one of the counties that have notable progress in youth training and development, the COUNTY DIARY reports.

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Such developments in counties offer an insight into what devolution means for mwananchi. In the agricultural sector, there are many prospects value chain presents as the counties work towards improving the level and quality of production.

Kitui is an example of counties where devolution has realized significant progress despite the hurdles derailing development in counties. Kitui’s case cites capacity building, youth and women empowerment, focus on agriculture, improvedhealthcare, food productivity and water provision as key areas that will ultimately transform the counties for posterity.

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It’s still convincing beyond doubt that devolution is the BEST THING that happened in Kenya.It is therefore worth strengthening and tuning as we review the constitution to make it better.

One thing that is certain is that the Division of Revenue Bill needs to allocate more funds to counties. The TROUBLE with Kenyans is that we are currently running a narrative where devolution is regarded as a problem and not an opportunity for igniting rapid economic growth.