The untold story of the Kamba Passage Moments


By county diary

One good thing you did not know about our traditional dance occasionally performed when mboyz are turning to real men, “nzaiko” is that it never changes it’s dancing stlye, “ula ukuti wa mwei wa nyanya”. Also, a believe that those who faced sciccor through hospitals aren’t real men. Hiyo sijui.

In every august, if the gods of rain were pleased by the offering from men could pour rain hence plenty bumper harvest. People used to reciprocate by criss crossing villages singing, and dancing all night long celebrating the circumcision of boys and girls.You know those days girls weren’t dying upon the razor passing over their tiny bodies. They only started dying when FIDA was formed.

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Men could withdraw their services from “wahindis” employers just to go, and join their agemates in the villages.
Although there were Pharisees among the few families claiming the existence of Jesus, that didn’t slow down people from swallowing the fermented millet beer.

I recall my time well, our family was among the first one to give account of how the baby boy Jesus was born, and lived in a nearby village. My grandma didn’t visit any geography classroom, and lived her life knowing Nazareth was somewhere new Kanzili terrains.

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So we were highly restricted not to go to those nzaikos things.
I witnessed my neighbor’s agemates retrieving kimbos, cowboys, and those Oki oil tins from fences to go, and make nzaiko’s instruments.

Girls stole their mothers lesos to go and tie around their size 1 hips.
I started thinking there was good life beyond my AIC teaching.
I took my sorghum stem man made whistle, and found real life in those traditional dances.

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My sunday school teacher, Kimanzi wa Musyoka alias Wanugu couldn’t believe his own eyes seeing my right leg wrapped with kimbo tin while at the neck, a sorghum stem whistle.

I pray my true living God to bless us with enough rain so that we can go back to our roots.
Useless youngmen have started walking around with an axe stashed into their trousers threatening to kill girlfriends just because they swallowed toxic substances from Kariobangi, but if they could be swallowing pure millet product “mawa” we can’t witness such killing.