The Untold Story Of The Hulking Academic Giant from Kitui


Meet the academic giant Dr Mulwa from kitui with for degrees at 40 years, The story of an academic conqueror

Inside story Dr Mulwa, he runs roughshod over his peers, with 4 degrees under his belt but very humble young person.

Born in 1977 from once a small town of Kwa Vonza today a Cosmopolitan town, Joseph Mwongela Mulwa son of the first veteran Chief of Kwa vonza Paul Mulwa Ndana grew up very determined to academically change his lifetime name to Dr Mulwa!

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From a very humble beginning Dr. Mulwa has gone unnoticed qualified with Bcom, Mcom, MBM, PhD, CPAK, MCSE, CCNA, N+, Diploma in Computer programming! Diploma in United Nations studies from united nations institute!

He began his career as a lecturer in the university of Maseno before very fast becoming the first lecturer in Southeastern Kenya University and Kenyatta university concurrently teaching Accounts and finance among other related units! Our interest to interact with Him was due to His wise, rich, far and wide informed interactive knowledge in all the spheres! His bright approach to county and national issues has captured every eye leaving credible marks on the sands of time! His predicted polished ideas have weight and truth like his name in the social media ” the Prophecy ” and have shaped the destiny of very controversial issues especially in Kenya we all live in!


He stintly worked in the county finance department before becoming Ceo of the Kitui Contractors Sacco for purposes of laying its Foundation!

We really appreciate and Thank Dr Mulwa for being aggressive in addressing issues bravely and ideally changing transition of different institutional scenarios both in the county and Kenya as our motherland!

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His presence will add colour and pomb to an equal journey of all us and his value and effort will remain undefeated.