The Untold story of Farouk Kibet, The man managing DP Ruto’s diary.


By county diary

Many people have been asking Who is Farouk Kibet, the man managing Ruto’s diary? The county diary takes time to dig deeper on the man of the moment. He is loved and hated in equal measure.

Just the sound of his name makes even his friends and foes grow cold feet, some wet their pants when they hear of him. He is the man put in charge of keeping the deputy Presidents itinerary. The rise and rise of the Deputy could not have been possible without the no-nonsense hands-on approach of Farouk.

He does not take any confrontation Lying down and the respect he has earned goes all the way to the highest offices in the country. His haters have tried to bring all sorts of propaganda against him but they have all failed flat, he is very brilliant chap among the equals.

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Farouk Kibet rise to power started way back in the 90s when he was one of the pillars of KANU youth wing and a supporter of the then powerful minister Reuben Chesire. In 1997 when the deputy William Ruto was gunning for the then Eldoret North political seat against Reuben Chesire, He came face to face with the man who would become his pillar in political circles Farouk but on this case, they were viciously on opposing sides, with Farouk backing his longtime ally Chesire. It was a love relationship brewed in the hottest of political contest.

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Farouk Kibet was to later become the deputy Presidents right-hand man earning himself a nominated seat in the Uasin Ngishu county council in 2002 and briefly served as a Mayor of Eldoret. In all his life, Farouk has shown unquestionable loyalty. A stickler to time in some instances even telling the Deputy president himself to keep time because they need to move on to other functions.

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He does not mince his words at any point. The deputy Presidents position is the most unenviable job in the country as enemies always have it in mind that you are somehow a step away from the presidency and security matters cannot be left to chance. Farouk has played that position which many men would have cracked with exceptional military precision.

He is the most trusted aide of the Deputy President, the success of the son of Sugoi is attributed by this wise chap, they have tried to buy him to leave the deputy in vain.