The Untold Kitui Charcoal ban success story

Charcoal ban in Kitui County Brings Back Wildlife to South Kitui Game Reserve.

Elephants, buffaloes and lions are back at the South Kitui Game reserve following ban of charcoal and reduced human activities in South Kitui Game Reserve, a great step towards making it a tourism destination.

Speaking while briefing the Governor on the situation at the reserve, Kenya Wild Services (KWS) Senior Assistant Director Dickson Lesimirdana revealed that more than 600 elephants, over 200 buffalos, several lions and other wildlife are back in the Reserve.


Mr Resimirdana said the banning of charcoal has helped in restoring and conserving the reserve. He noted that after the move to pacify the game reserve of all human activities, wild animals are now trooping back.
“The Charcoal ban in the county by your government attracted more rainfalls in the recent past than before and game reserve is regaining its former glory. More animals are trooping back,” said Mr Lesimirdana.

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He said KWS has enough rangers in the reserve who are doing ground patrol and it’s supported by aerial patrol which has also enhanced security in the area.
Both County Government of Kitui and Kenya Wild Life service have agreed on numeral sustainable development partnerships that will have Kitui Game Reserve be a preferred tourism destination globally.

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Governor Ngilu expressed her satisfaction with the progress that has been achieved at the reserve and assured KWS of her support.
Governor Ngilu directed County ministry of tourism and culture to work with KWS and finalise preparation of South Kitui Game Reserve restoration action plan which is being developed jointly.
Mr Lesimirdana was accompanied by other senior staff while Governor Ngilu was accompanied by CEC Tourism Patrick Koki and his CO Geoffrey Zakayo and other county government staff..