The Untold Facts of Kitui Philanthropic Benedict Muasya


Just Who Is: Benedict Muasya

Hon Benedict Muasya, Kitui west youth leader

Considerable times questions have been asked on who exactly is this Benedict Muasya — that every person seems to be talking about recently.

Confronted with similar desire to also know more about this upcoming leader, I set out to find out who he is and though I am yet to have a comprehensive interview with him, I have gathered the following from sources close to him:

Early childhood:

Benedict Muasya was born in Katheka village of Katheka Sub-location, Kauwi Ward in Kitui West about 40 years ago. He is the 4th born in a huge ordinary African family of 9.

His parents were peasants who raised the family by tiling other peoples land just like was the case with so many other families back then.

Muasya attended his elementary primary school education at Katheka, In 1995, he emerged top not only in his class but also in entire Kitui district, all the hardships notwithstanding.

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As a poor but bright boy, he earned a place in the prestigious Starehe Boys’ Centre where he received free secondary education, Most of what he is doing currently is inspired by his life back at Starehe.


After Starehe Boys’ Centre where he emerged with an A, Muasya qualified for a Bachelors Degree course from Kenyatta University but God Almighty had better plans.

Ben got yet another sponsor who paid for the same degree at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

The politician later undertook a Masters degree from UoN. While in college, he pursued his ACCAs and CPA and is thus he a qualified public accountant.

Profession and Career

He has worked for over 10 years as a Tax Auditor specializing in international taxation and is rumoured to be involved in fiscal policy formulation and advising treasury on international tax matters especially on foreign-funded infrastructural projects.

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After a long stint as a public service, he resigned in 2014 to fully concentrate on business. Muasya is also said to be a distributor of FMCGs in Kitui County.Sources say he is also the guy behind the famous 1824 Whiskey Bar along Langata Road in Nairobi.

Giving back to Community

Inspired by works of charity and others’ sacrifice to make him what he is today, guided by a solemn charge that he took while at Starehe that he would one day, according to his means, go back to help other afflicted persons just as he was helped, he embarked on philanthropy from 2007 and has undertaken countless social projects.

In the past two years, he decided to work with organised women and youth groups through a well-organised community empowerment program.He is currently the Patron of all SACCOs, SHGs, CBOs and Table banking groups in Kitui West.

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In realization of the fact that at some point he may need to bear the weight of government for the sake of the people of Kitui West, he is said to be eying the Kitui West Parliamentary seat come 2022 a rumour which I was unable to confirm.

If indeed this rumour is true, he would be joining other Starehe Alumni who have provided exemplary political leadership making their constituencies beacons of hope especially in the use of the CDF kitty.

Among these are Peter Keneth, Tuju and the recently departed Ken Okoth of Kibra.These leaders go to parliament driven by the genuine desire to transform the communities from where they hail and the nation at large.

And so, in nutshell, there goes the next MP kitui west.