By Steve Mutua.
Sin is nothing but ignorance. It is distortion. No one is wicked or bad or malicious because he enjoys it for its own sake.

A person may be all those because he mistakenly thinks it serves him as a protection. The more you analyze and understand yourself, the more you will find this to be true in your case, and therefore it must hold also for others.

So, when people behave negatively, you will no longer feel frightened or personally involved. It will no longer cause you hardship. This may sound impossible, but it is true.

When a person has raised his or her consciousness and perceives inklings of absolute truth, he or she then realizes that there is no such thing as evil, badness, sin, malice. All this prevails only as long as you live in this earth sphere with the limited outlook caused by your distortions.

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Once you raise yourself above this state of error, you will see that all evil on this plane is nothing but a defensive weapon, or rather, a pseudo-defensive weapon, for, in reality, it has the very opposite effect.

Once you understand the motive of evil and sin, you no longer fear it, you no longer feel personally at stake, and therefore you lose the sense of its reality. You are all on the way toward experiencing this truth, at least to some degree.

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When you find and dissolve your wrong conclusions, nothing will any longer prevent you from loving and being free. You then remove the part in you that was in darkness, that was selfish and unloving because of the wrong conclusions.

Where you have found and removed the error, you have a true concept of reality, you can love without fear, and therefore you live without sin if you want to use this expression.

Evil and sin are products of an illusory world that exists only while you live in the illusion, but they have no absolute reality. The moment you raise your consciousness, you are free of the illusion; it no longer has any reality whatsoever.