The Truth is Bold, lets Face it or Perish altogether ~Munyasya


By Munyasya Musya

Truth. There is an emerging political stand off in Kitui County which may go full blown n get out of hand with devastating effect. Lets watch it and do something.

We’ve heard the Governor Ngilu and we’ve heard the MCAs. We the electorates shouldn’t fan the fight…

We cannot pretend. There is a big problem for which a lasting solution should be sought. We can’t go on under these circumstances for nearly 4 years.
I therefore suggest the following solutions.

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1. Let both parties admit there is a problem.
2. Each team lay down its claims and demands
3. Identify a fair arbiter to put them in a round table n negotiate an exit plan out of this stand off.
4. Stop underrating the power of each party
5. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate and reach a handshake situation
5. Address all issues without fear or favour, blackmail or bribery, witchcraft or witch hunt
6. Lay facts and figures on the table, employ rationalism rather than emotionalism
7. Keep sycophants and hardliners away
8. Embrace truth n kick out lies
9. Keep Musangi and Nzangi at the core of it. Keep your egos and interests at bay
9. Keep party politics aside and be ready to come out with a bloody nose and tattered pants for Musangi and Nzangi.
10. Accept to lose n walk with your head high. You will have won honour.

Mr Munyasya is a PR Communication Expert, and an Assistant Director in Kitui County.