The truth behind 10 New Modern ambulances in Kitui


Friday 30th August, 2019 | By Steve Mumbu

The County Government of Kitui through the able leadership of Her Excellency Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu recently purchased 10 ambulances through the County Ministry of Health and Sanitation to ease transport in the health sector.

As many of you are aware that Governor Ngilu established a Universal Health Coverage plan, Kitui County Health Insurance Cover -KCHIC that has significantly reduced the cost of accessing healthcare and created patients influx county wide thus creating the need for more ambulances.

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The great people of Kitui should ignore propagandists and haters of development who are insinuating that the ambulances were donated by the National Government, which are absolutely false allegations.

I wish to inform the entire Kitui populace that in the country its only in four counties; Kisumu, Machakos, Nyeri and Isiolo where the national government is piloting Universal Health Covers.

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