By Steve Mutua.

Detachment or non attachment is a crucial skill if we are to understand anything- ourselves, others, our relationships and the material objective universe.

Thats how scientists discover the mysteries of matter and also how mystics come to understand the world beyond the mind.

Think about it. You must have heard of a doctor or a surgeon excusing themselves from operating on a close relative like a child or parent.

Judges do likewise. They often let others hear a case involving somebody close.

They are practising detachment in a physical way and it helps alot in that they dont want to be influenced by their attachment to the person involved.


Attachment clouds our objectivity and judgement.A higher level of detachment is emotional or spiritual detachment.

When we are emotionally involved with something or somebody, we cant see them clearly for whom they are in reality.

Thats why at the outset of our relationships, there is alot of respect and acceptance because we are not yet deeply involved emotionally or psychologically.

With time, our energies get entangled and we slowly lose sight of the original person as a standalone individual. Then the fight for regaining our individuality starts.

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To save or influence anyone, either positively or negatively, one must create that distance through the process of detachment. Jesus had to do it.

We hear him asking; “Who is my mother and who are my brothers and sisters”? He had to create the distance.

Buddha had to leave the palace and his young family. Many people who are seeking enlightenment often go to live and meditate alone for long periods in the forests and mountains.

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We cant understand a thing or somebody if we are too close or involved with it. Thats why the neighbours wife “appears” more loving and graceful than your wife!😊 The grass is always greener across the fence.

Just cross over to the other side of the fence and you will behold how green it is on your side.