The Revenue Sharing Formula Outcome will Shape the Succession Politics


By Katunda Kingangi

Photo file: Katunda kingangi Kitui east youth Leader.

OPINION:The Revenue sharing formula will redefine and shape the succession politics completely,The central Kenya has shown their selfishness and showed the rest of the Country that BBI is not about giving more money to counties but taking money from the already marginalized counties back to Central Kenya.

Already William Ruto is winning big from the Contentious debate .
Tomorrow if the senate passes the formula in favour of the densely populated counties to gain more resources and less populated to loose William Ruto will be voted block in Northern Kenya counties,Coastal counties and eastern.

He is only top leader who has opposed the formula and his close allies are already rallying senators to shoot down the formula tomorrow.

Raila Odinga is held between the Rock and the hard services ,he has a lot of resistance in central Kenya and he believes by supporting the formula the ground my work on his favour ,if the formula doesn’t go through the Resistance will multiply by 100%.

The formula is also a greatest test to his sincerity to Handshake and BBI which majority of central is intention was to break Jubilee party.

You can kill the messenger but you can’t kill the message
Hustler nation message is Really & there with the masses!
Signed by
Katunda kingangi
Kitui east youth Leader.

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