By Yoana kimwele

For the better part of this year, a carefully crafted narrative that there exists an “NDEE NATION” in Kitui County …. and that the so-called NDEE NATION, (….and especially Mwingi Central Sub- County) is self-reliant and would want to have nothing to do with Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

HOWEVER, this fallacy was not only put to test on Thursday ( 18th July 2019) but was completely bursted. The county diary can authoritatively confirm that “the Governor Charity Ngilu has a huge following in large Mwingi at the moment contrary to few naysayers and busybodies from Mwingi.

Otherwise, how else would one explain the massive turnout on the one-day key stakeholders Mango Value Chain / Value Addition workshop held at the Mwingi Resource Centre this week? The narrative will no longer sell, its stands defeated. The workshop was organized by Dr. Temi the value chain specialist in the office of the Governor, Mwingi sub county officer Mr alex Mutemi and Mwingi livestock and Agricultural Officer Madam Ochieng.

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Convert idle Mwingi resource center to Mwingi kicotec, residents plead with kitui Governor Hon Charity Ngilu

The Mango workshop was attended by well over 200 local leaders ( comprising leaders of SHGs/ CBOs, FBOs/ Clergy/ Business Community, Academia and Mwingi based mainstream media).

The Leaders had been drawn from Waita Ward, Mwingi Central, Kivou, and Mui Ward.

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Listening to speaker after speaker, and especially during the plenary session, it was very clear in my mind that, the people of Mwingi Sub- County in particular and the so-called Ndee Nation, in general, have TOTAL confidence with the work Governor Ngilu is doing, and especially in relation to the implementation of her 5 Agenda Manifesto.

Their ONLY key request they had to their able Governor, “ Quickly put sewing machines in the totally unutilized Mwingi Resource Centre and convert it into KICOTEC – MWINGI”.

The naysayers and haters of Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu and her Government, your Ndee Nation Fallacy is not only busted for good, but you should seat back as Ngilu slowly transforms the Economic and Social lives of Musangi and Nzangi between now and 2027.


Dr. Temi Mutia flagged by Mwingi horticulture chairman takes questions Mwingi journalists
Kitui value chain specialist in the office of the Governor Dr Temi Mutia being shown by the farmers how to prune mango tree as other officers look on
Dr. Temi is shown by a farmer how they monitor their mango trees during flowering stages
Listening to a farmer from waita in Mwingi who has over 1000 mango trees in her farm. The farmer told us she gets over 300k from her farm every season.