The Mutambu’s Mali Safi Mama Lydia popularity Jolts Mwingi central, Mulyungi Must Be Worried



The political lioness Mama Lydia Mutambu – the wife of former Mwingi central Member of Parliament who has declared her interest to run for Mwingi Central political seat has complicated the political matrix for the colourless aspirants.

Lydia who is keen to unseat the incumbent Dr Gideon Mulyungi in August general election has continued to win banquet of praises from all corners of Mwingi.

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The lady is not your average matriarch.. She is winning both mind and soul ahead of the general election, it’s clearly becoming two horse race in Mwingi Central.

The growing popularity of Madam Lydia in Mwingi central political space has left majority of the people perplexed, the people are saying KAVAA MAMA. KAVA MAMA.

Pundits say, for the first time, Mwingi central is likely to elect women member of Parliament.

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The entrance of Lydia Mutambu in the Mwingi central Parliamentary race is causing sleepless nights to the current political establishment.

The Kava Mama slogan is growing like a volcano furnace. Will Mp Mulyungi sustain the onslaught? Only time will tell.