The Moment you repress sex, your energy starts finding new ways to express itself


By Steve Mutua.

Energy cannot remain static. This is something of a fundamental law: energy cannot remain static, it is always dynamic, it is dynamism. If you force it, and close one door upon it, it will open other doors; but you cannot keep it in bondage.

If the natural flow of the energy is prevented, then it will flow in some unnatural way.

When you repress sex you have to substitute something for your love, some object. Money can become your object of love.

Why is there so much greed? Why are people clinging to money like crazy? It is their love object. Somehow they have managed to move their whole life energy towards money.

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Politics may become your love object. Rising higher and higher in the political bureaucracy becomes their love object. The politician looks towards the presidentship, the prime ministership, with the same lust as a lover looks to his or her beloved.

This is perversion. Somebody may become directed into other ways, such as education; then books become his love object.

Somebody may become religious; then God becomes his love object.

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Energy has to move. It can take a religious way; then the priests are happy. It can become academic; then the academicians are happy. It can become scientific; then the scientists are happy.

It has to become something – that’s why sex-repressive societies have developed in so many directions. Yes, they have become very cultured, polished, civilized, educated, scientific, technological. But at what cost?

They have lost all joy. They have lost all peace. They have lost all silence. They have lost all love.

You can project your love towards an imaginary object but it is not going to give you fulfillment.