The KituiExpo2020 Ends With an Impressive Turnout


    By TCD Reporter.

    On Thursday, October 29, 2020 – The KituiExpo2020 came into an end with an impressive turnout of participants from across the country.

    While officially closing the expo, Governor Charity Ngilu said the county had identified areas of focus to stimulate growth and accomplish development milestones while transforming livelihoods.

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    Noting that local production, skills development and manufacturing remained key in growing the county’s economy,* Governor Ngilu said *local manufacturing remained steady, having been earmarked as a priority area in the country’s Big 4 and Kitui’s Big 5 agenda.

    “This county seeks to grow manufacturing and light industries segment of the county economy to create jobs, wealth for the county economy, nurture technical skills and knowhow among the youth and promote growth in other supporting sectors”. Ngilu said.

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    On leadership, the Governor said her adminstration will continue transforming livelihoods of the people of Kitui on the basis of a leadership that invokes innovation and supports growth for all.