By: Musoma JM (Publicist, Linguist and Human Rights Activist)

Wiper aspirants in Makueni Constituency are having sleepless nights as the debate on whether to subject them to a party nomination or a gentleman agreement lingers.

Every fight has it’s hero and it’s zero and the Makueni Constituency seat I once contested is not an exemption today. Aspirants who shied away from the contest previously are now shouting louder in the boxing ring than those who grew a thick skin to face the lithal out going MP Daniel Maanzo.

The unbeatable Second term MP has shown interest in the Senatorial seat as the current Senator Mutula Jnr eyes the hotly contested gubernatorial.

Just like the proverbial dog that dropped a bone from it’s mouth to grab a bigger one from it’s shadow was swept by the waters, Speaker Mbilu and Kathonzweni MCA Mutungi are drawing in a river of ambitions.

Suzanne Kiamba who came second after Maanzo in the last two general elections remains a thorn in their flesh, she is giving them a run for their coins. Her defection from Muungano to Wiper Party has thrown the would be tough competitors in a limbo, as battle for the much coveted Wiper Party ticket ensues.

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Give honour to whom honour is due, the bible tells me so, there is no formula that puts the two county assembly members above the iron lady. Kiamba is popular, experienced, tolerant, accommodative, humble, witty and more importantly mature than her male counterparts.

She has previously served as director in various NGO’s for decades and the Chairlady of Makueni County Government’s Tetheka funds for five years. She has worked closely with residents in community initiatives and projects offering solutions to vulnerable members of the society.

Kiamba has been consistent, she has never been swayed by opportunistic positions of influence. Many have sort her to be a Women Representative or their Deputy Governor but she has given it a blind eye.

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The former teacher is a focused woman who knows her worth and position in the society and she wants nothing more or less a Member of Parliament. Yes you have heard it, the Milly Othiambo of our Community. She has refused to bow out of the male dominated MP race and she is daring to give it a third shot.

It’s a walk in the park for Kiamba now that her previous competitors are out of the race. Maanzo has gone for Senator, PC Kiilu is deceased, Luusa has joined the Nairobi County Government and Musoma is playing an active communication role in Prof.

Kaloki’s Gubernatorial candidature this electoral season. The little known Mbilu and Mutungi will find themselves between a rock and a hard place if Wiper nominations were held today. Even if they went the negotiated democracy way, Kiamba is such a tough negotiator and her stakes are high.

I advise the party to bring the three aspirants on a negotiation table and let them decide their fate. Allow them to choose between a free and fair nomination that will have a winner and two losers or concensus in a win win model.

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I suggest that we give Suzanne Kiamba the ticket to increase the probability so as produce the first Women MP in Makueni Constituency and increase the probability of attaining the 2/3 gender rule in parliament that has been previously been declared unconstitutionally constituted by the former Chief Justice Maraga.

Mbilu should consequently maintain his Speaker’s seat and Mutungi be given a direct Wiper ticket to defend his Kathonzweni MCA seat then be rewarded as the next Majority Leader. By so doing history will judge them fairly.

Hate her or love her Kiamba rules the world as far as Makueni Constituency Politics 2022 is concerned. Take it or leave it but rest assured she is destined to be our next MP in Makueni whether on a Party or Independent ticket. Ignore her at your on peril.