The Key to Superior Understanding Explained


By GUEST Writer.

The key to understanding others is understanding yourself – But naturally, we start by noticing others because our senses are focussed outwardly from the start.

We are too close to ourselves to observe ourselves objectively, lets go deeper.

The most basic instinct in every creature is the instict of self preservation. We would rather suffer any humiliation but stay conscious and continue to exist. This is very obvious on the physical level.

We need to eat, to have shelter and clothing to proyect ourselves from the elements. We defend and protect our bodies instinctively from harm.

Many organisms have their own inbuilt self defense mechanisms to protect themselves from the threat of extinction.


This we understand quite easily. It is the basis of the natural violence we notice amongst all species and amongst humans.

However, it becomes a little bit tricky to notice this at the psychological or mental level. Most of the threats to our physical survival are easy to take care of and we have to a large extent taken care of that..

Nonetheless, at the psychological level, some new fear has arisen in man.

When people are arguing and fighting about ideologies, opinions, gender differences etc, what exactly are they defending themselves against?

It is not the body which is under threat when I condemn homosexuals as evil people! Neither is it my physical survival at stake when I condemn people of a religious orientation different from mine! When I attack somebody’s political stance, it is not in protection or defense of my immediate physical survival. What is it then?

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When I criticise and talk disrespectfully to my spouse about how she talks to my mom or how she dresses, what Am I in defense of? What is the motivation behind my negative behaviour towards her? Surely my physical existence is not at stake at all!

When you understand it, you will understand human behaviour from a deeper level. When I know my body is not under threat, what else is there to protect from extinction? Find it.