The horrifying story of kitui Family Living in Agony, Six Children feared to be part of the Shakahola Massacre



A family in Katyethoka village in kitui central is living in nightmare, agony and suffering after its six-member went missing, the family says their kin could be part of the Shakahola forest Massacre in Malindi.

The family says they are aware their children had joined Pastor Mackenzie who has turned out to be the leader of a religious cult in Malindi.

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The good News International Church pastor Mackenzie is said to have urged his gullible followers to fast to death so that they can find God.

Pastor Shem and MARGARET Shem revealed that their children aged between 33 – 36 years have been living In Malindi were they been worshiping at Mackenzie church.

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The children and four grandchildren below twelve years left home in kitui county to go to Malindi where their husbands work where they gracefully joined Good News International church in 2019 of Pastor Mackenzie Nthenge.

The fete of their children now remains unknown as it turns out that pastor Mackenzie Nthenge had turned out to be a Religious Cult where several bodies have been retrieved in Shakahola forest.

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According to the father Pastor Shem, her daughter developed funny characters after joining pastor Mackenzie and they suspect their children could have been murdered.

Pst Shem is now calling upon the Government to help him retrace his children.

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