Self-Appointed Youth Group Leader Handout Games In Limbo.


Story by Josephin

Kitui County senior officers are still in shock after one of the self-proclaimed govt defender and crusader turned to be a sell out and working with political nemesis.For months, the street goon and peddler of political information dubbed Munaa has been living huge and causing havoc in local bars dishing out coins to patrons and other revellers. Yesterday during the County Assembly Chambers launch was the peak of his money-led politics.

“Mweshimiwa ukiambia Governor she is misusing us and instead she should give us jobs ataskia kabisaa. Mimi nilimaliza pesa zangu nataka unisaidie. Ukifikiwa kuongea mchape kabisaa ndio anitengenezee mambo yangu,” Munaa told Kiio.

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It has been confirmed that Munaa met a section of contractors with the *89* corruption tenders of the former regime and hatched a plan to link them with senator Kiio. The Senator has confessed that he send Munaa kshs 15,000 to bring on board this guys with a bid to paint the County Governor as “unable to pay debts”. However, Munaa quickly went round Kiio after his scheme was unearthed by social medial users.

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“Jana sisi tulishangaa sana kama “men in black”. Tulipanga ” kudeal” na Senator but Munaa alipojua alikibia ParkVilla Hotel akamuambia. Munaa and Senator told the police to raid on us hapo kwa gate ya County Assembly. Alituangusha sana, yeye akipewa pesa hakuna watu hawezi kusaliti”, yelled a frastruted youth.

“Sasa ujanja yake imefika mwisho sababu hatujui kama Senator atakuwa anampea tenders anauza anapata pesa. Munaa is a cheap sell, ukimuambia utampea 20k akate mkono yake atakata tu”, said another.

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Politics of handouts have been discouraged severally by the Kitui Governor who has urged young people apply for county jobs and tenders. She has further urged youths to register youth groups and come up with business ideas.

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