The Government Plans to Put Up Resort Hotel On Top of Nzambani Rock.


By yoana kim

28th December 2018

Nzambani rock is the premium Scenic Tourist attraction sites in kitui County situated 15 minutes drive from kitui town, Approximately 7 kilometers from town Centre, Nzambani rock in kitui is the major Touristic attraction sites in kitui East constituency,Its said if you go around the Rock seven times your Gender Automatically change,

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Kitui county is the untapped Investment destination Hub which the ministry of Tourism Sport and Culture is trying to develop, the Minister Patrick Koki Musau has said, following series of high research, the county government of kitui has mapped out six economic zones based on potential and resource empowerment. Ikoo Valley, Kanyonyoo Conservancy, Mumoni hills, Mutomo Reptiles centre, Kitui South game Reserve ,kalundu ecosystem park among others.

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Nuu hills is also home of various species of birds which are rare across the world,The hills has over 16 spring of clean water, the government has since bared residents against destruction of sceneric sites.The government of kitui through the leadership of Charity Ngilu has a plans to look for Investor who can put high end Resort hotel on top of the Rock. in the next few years the Government is expected to open all the attraction sites according to Minister in charge of tourism sports and culture hon Patrick Koki Musau.

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Tourism , Sportd & Culture executive member hon Patrick Koki Musau

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Angle view of Nzambani rock.
The view of Nzambani attraction rock