The First Sex scandal shot misses an emerging Kitui Senatorial aspirant



Blackmail, Sex Scandal, Evil Schemes Dominate Kitui Senatorial Race

Blackmail, sex scandals, evil schemes and cloak-and-dagger politics continue to dominate the Kitui senatorial race, two years to the General Elections in Kenya, the COUNTY DIARY has unearthed.

The politics of pulling down each other, backstabbing and outright betrayals seem to be the order of the day in the do or die Kitui senatorial race with some aspirants allegedly using Koinage night nurses to set traps to their competitors.

The latest case to hit the grapevine involves a popular and emerging kitui senatorial candidate Mr Charles Nguu who is battling threats from a well known night nurse he innocently hosted in a leafy Nairobi boulevard without establishing the facts of who the lady was.

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“The lady called Mr Charles and arranged a rendezvous little did he know it that was a trap”.

The man from Nguuni village, Migwani Mwingi West is a happy man after extortion game against him flopped.

The so called the night nurses (slay queen) traveled all the way from Kitui to Nairobi to meet the politician for the first time.

When she reached the city, it was already late; the candidate called her and told her they will meet in the morning.

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On Tuesday morning, the two agreed to meet for a break fast. When she arrived – he paid the breakfast and left for his place of work.

According to screenshots in our possession, the lady asked for money, but the candidate felt that he was being conned and promised to call her later date.

Upon numerous attempts to lure him to bed her , the lady resulted to using threats on him claiming she will tell the whole world that he used her and dumped her.

The lady who is working in cahoots with we’ll known extortionist is now demanding to be given money by Charles Nguu or she allege that he bedded her and dubbed her in Nairobi.

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Upon cross-checking the facts, the COUNTY DIARY has established that “the lady is being used by his competitors to extort money and destroy his emerging popularity and reputation.

Charles Nguu, Emerging Kitui senatorial candidate.

According to Robert Greene of the 48 Laws of Power, one should guard his / her reputation with his life.