THE FALLACY of Many people, especially the intellectuals, like taking refuge in “my personality type” to explain away their miserable lives. There is no major difference in all personality types. The structure is the same, only the content differs.

A child of a rich man will cry if its electronic toy is broken just as the child of a beggar will cry if its wooden toy is broken. The toys are different, but the crying is the same as well as the reason for the crying, and that is ATTACHMENT TO and IDENTIFICATION with the toy as an extension of the “Self”!

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All personalities have the same structure but differ in the content, just as all houses are just demarcations of space but differ in what goes into them.

Whereas there is nothing wrong with understanding your personality type, that should not be the end. You should not use that understanding to gloat over or strengthen your personality. The ultimate goal is to be liberated FROM the personality. Only then are you free and free indeed? All personalities are bondages. When you are liberated from the idea that you are your personality, however glorious or devious it is, only then can you use it in service of the greater good.

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Your personality should be a vehicle for the Universal power to achieve its purposes, not a personal thing to cling to and protect.