The Establishment Mwingi Municipality to Spur development

Kitui county high profile delegation led by Executive members Eng Kakundi Eng sports executive Member Patrick koki Musau at mwingi workshop on Friday, 11th October 2019 Mwingi Legacy Hotel Mwingi Ward, Mwingi Central Sub-County

The proposals being undertaken by the county government of kitui to convert Mwingi town as apart of Municipality hub is set to spur serious development in Mwingi, the COUNTY DIARY can authoritatively report.

Kitui County Minister for Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Hon Eng Jacob Kakundi accompanied by Tourism, Sports and Culture County Minister Hon Patrick Koki Musau and Chief Officer for LIHUD Eng Christopher Syengo on Friday led high profile County delegation to access the ongoing plans make Mwingi town a municipality.

The team comprises Members and that of Mwingi Town Administration staff appointed on the Mwingi Municipality Task Force Committee for a two days joint consultative meeting with County Assembly LIHUD Committee members including other MCA’s whose Wards are within or being touched by the upcoming Mwingi Municipality.

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The Kitui County Assembly LIHUD Committee was briefed on the progress made towards the establishment of the Mwingi Municipality.

The County Minister for LIHUD Hon Eng Jacob Kakundi while addressing the two committees, thanked the task force committee for achievements they had already made to have the municipality in place within the shortest time than this process had started.

He further promised the County Assembly LIHUD Committee members that their wise deliberations and inputs towards the establishment of Mwingi Municipality will be fully considered.

He informed them that public participation to sensitize the public about the upcoming Mwingi Municipality to create more awareness for the residents within its boundaries will be done in the fortnight period. He further congratulated the leadership of the County Assembly for their support and willingness to have Mwingi Town be upgraded to a Municipality soonest possible.

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The present MCA’s thanked Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu for her considerations in upgrading Mwingi Town to a Municipality which is expected highly to contribute intensely to the growth of Mwingi region as a whole and uplift their livelihoods.

On his part, the Tourism Executive thanked members of the two committees for their willingness to have Mwingi Town be upgraded to a Municipality a gesture which will see it grow very quickly and benefit the residents of that region.

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He further asked the leadership of the entire larger Mwingi to come together once Governor Ngilu has assented to the municipality and see to it that members of the new Mwingi Town municipality Board were regionally balanced for the purposes of a quick transition so that it can pick and take off with ease and start rolling out development projects.

Other Senior County officials present were Mwingi Town Administrator and her Deputies Mrs. Grace Kimanzi, Mwingi Central Ward MCA Hon Mary Kanini Philmar who was in attendance representing other MCA’s whose Wards are bounding the Mwingi Municipality.