By Steve mutual.

We carry stereotyped emotional and therefore mental responses from our childhood to our adulthood. Just look closely and you will see 90% of the time you are not responding to the current situation or to THIS PERSON but to your parent as you did many years ago. Thats the real reason for communication breakdown between people.

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Check it: many people believe they react to one another but usually this doesn’t happen at all. The stream of your consciouness supposed to be directed, lets say, to person A, never reaches A. Although you believe it does, it is actually directed to the parental situation you still carry in your emotions.

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Now, this not being applicable to A, A often may feel this an injustice. He or she may feel excluded or rejected and react appropriately leading to more misunderstanding and miscommunication.

On and on it goes, until we see the pattern and get more aware, that is!