By Guest contributor.

We all know or think we know hypocrites and hypocrisy. It is generally when people live a “double life”! But don’t we all live a double life?

Do you treat your “friends” the same way you treat your “enemies”? If both are the same to you, then you have no friends and neither enemies.

So you aren’t a hypocrite because you have no basis for discrimination. If you have friends and also enemies, you must by natural law be a hypocrite because you are a different person to different people.

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Basically, in the duality consciousness, hypocrisy is the rule. The ego identity which can only live in duality consciousness cannot help it. It is always shifting towards where it will be shielded and not exposed. So as long as you agree with somebody’s ego, you are a friend.

If you disagree or are in opposition, you are the enemy. With the ego, there are no permanent friends or enemies. The ego is a classic politician. All the ego cares for is its own recognition and preservation and at whatever cost.

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So hypocrisy is the natural state of affairs in the ego consciousness.

Beyond the ego, there is only reality or truth. There is no double living. There is no friend nor enemy. There is only the ONE. So hypocrisy is not possible. That’s why the egocentric person is always suspicious of the selfless person.

The ego only knows how to use others for self-preservation. So its values are ever-shifting. For the selfless person, there is no shifting of values depending on convenience. That’s a big issue for the ego. It cants trust that kind of living. The Self makes the ego very vulnerable, so it runs away by hiding or appeasing.

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Have you seen a child refusing its mother’s food because the mother could not appease the child’s egoistic demands? It happens the same even with most adults. Try sending your ex some gift!