The Curse of Sisyphus: How Raila Will be betrayed



We intent To give an accurate description of what happened, not merely the proper occupation of the historian, but the inalienable privilege of any man of parts and culture.” There is a history in all men’s lives.”

History has taught us what happened will happen again.

1963 Jaramogi Oginga Odinga supports Jomo Kenyatta to become Executive Prime Minister, in the hope that Jomo would soon be out of the way paving way for his (Jaramogi’s) presidency,

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1964 Jaramogi helps Kenyatta to change the Constitution that makes Kenyatta an Imperial President,

1966 Kenyatta kicks Jaramogi from Government and KANU,

1969 Kenyatta detains Jaramogi and bans KPU,

1998 Raila Odinga joins KANU and helps Moi cling to power with a promise that Moi would help Raila become president in 2002,

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2002 Moi imposes Uhuru Kenyatta on KANU and kicks Raila from KANU.
Uhuru loses to Kibaki,

2002 Raila, realizing that he stood no chance against Kibaki/Wamalwa/Ngilu axis who had already declared Kibaki as their presidential candidate, cleverly declares Kibaki Tosha, hoping to become president through Narc after Kibaki,

2003 Kibaki kicks Raila from Narc and Government,

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2008 Raila joins Kibaki in a coalition Government hoping to succeed him in 2012,

2013 Kibaki remains neutral and Uhuruto whitewash Raila in the elections,

2018 Raila joins Uhuru to “fix” Ruto hoping to be made president in 2022 through BBI.

They say just Like father like son, History always repeats itself.