State Releases Funds for Construction Of abadoned Mbondoni Migwani – Kwa siku road after Intervention by Mps



The government of Kenya through the ministry of road and infrastructure has released funds for the construction of the abandoned Kwa siku, Mbodoni to Migwani road which falls under Kitui kibwezi road project.

The road work has resumed after intervention by Mwingi West Hon Charles Ngusya Nguna, Kitui South Mp Dr Rachael Kaki Nyama and kitui Central Mp Dr Makali, the County Can authoritatively Report.

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From Mwingi town to via
Mbondoni- Migwani – Kwa siku – Mutonguni to Kitui town, it will be 30 minutes drive once the construction of road is completed.

The road program falls under kibwezi kitui road, the president kenyatta has continued to win banquets of roses for his escalated infrastructural development in Kenya.

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The State has given 4.1B for the Construction Of Kwa siku, Mbondoni Migwani road, Mp Nguna told press on Monday.

Currently, more than 400 youth from Kitui County have been hired to complete the tarmacking of the Kibwezi- Kitui -Migwani road.

The works included the construction of a bypass in Kitui Town, designed to ensure that existing businesses are not affected by the project. The town by pass through Manyenyoni near Kitui School to Syongila has been completed.

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The Kibwezi Kitui Migwani road forms part of the Northern Corridor Transport Improvement Project, the TCD REPORTS.

The road will ease and facilitate traffic from Mombasa via Kibwezi, Kitui to Moyale by providing a direct route from Mombasa to Ethiopia on a direct alignment with less steep slopes, avoiding the need to pass through Nairobi.