The Cattle Breeding Initiative is a good idea -Nimrod Mbai


By Nimrod Mbai

17Th January 2019

The wise learn from other peoples mistakes

The Kitui Improved Cattle Breeds project is a very noble idea and one of the very few ideas that can propel the economic status of the very local person in Kitui.

However, sometimes it is good to learn from other peoples mistakes… I served as the C.O for Agriculture and Livestock in Machakos County for one year and we had identified three key projects geared towards improving the economy of farmers in Masinga and Yatta( Ndee Nation); Improving Chicken, Improving Cattle breeds and mass production of Ndengu.

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Touching on the Cattle breeds improvement, the artificial insemination approach could not work, only 5% of the inseminated heifers conceived after spending 15 million on training, equipment, semen and Experts.
We benchmarked with South Africa.. Cape Town and we switched to the Bull concept.

We distributed Hybrid Bulls to Cooperative Societies and as at now, Masinga and Yatta Sub Counties of Machakos County have done away with the African Zebu Cows.

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Money will be spend and probably lost, Money will be stolen and no auditor can measure the litters of semen inseminated on a cow and the cows which could not conceive because they were inseminated with” Nzeve

The writer is a member of National parliament for kitui east Hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai

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