The Budding Mp Nimrod Mbai Speaks Over BBI Report



    The Rising kitui East Member of Parliament hon Mbithuka Mbai has asserted his wisdom in regards to BBI Report.

    “Kenya belongs to all of us, everybody, every child, every, religion, every economic class matters, and no one owes it to anybody”. We all have our enate minds and wisdom and the constitution guarantees this through the “one man one vote principle’

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    The BBI issue is not a small matter, and as an elected leader during this time and period, I must safeguard the will of all the people of Kitui East, I will not impose my will on anyone, but I will strive to persuade and educate my people as per my thinking on the BBI issue.

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    Some clauses of the BBI reports needs to be amended before thinking of passing it, the BBI is 40%, okay, but 60% of its provisions need to be amended for the sake of safeguarding the fundamental rights of every Kenyan, today, tomorrow, and the future.

    No one is of a lesser god, we are all equal and this is the voice of our Lord God.

    Kava Kusaasa.