The Bigger the Sinner, The Bigger The Saint


By steve Mutua


The bigger the sinner, the bigger the saint! Ever noticed chain smokers give up smoking easily than the average smoker? That a prostitute can get transformed easily than the average churchgoing woman? That only people capable of intense hate can be capable of intense love? That only the really rich people are the most generous?

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When one lives intensely and totally, one goes beyond the ego ambitions rather quickly than the lukewarm average “good” person. When a real sinner gets transformed, a real saint is born. The way out of the ego is through the ego. Ego transcendence happens automatically when one experiences the futility of all ego ambitions in every dimension.

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So live totally and intensely, for only then will you come to realise sooner that its all chasing after the wind. “Let the sinner continue sinning”, for no one can live in sin for long

Think about it