The Battle for wiper Certificate Begins in Kitui, Who Will Run with it?



OPINION: The ping pong match, the battle of wits, who is who in wiper party and supremacy contest ahead of the party preliminaries in next year General election has continued to take shape in kitui county barely eleven month to go.

Former Kitui Governor HE.Dr Julius Makau Malombe, former Kitui senator Hon David Musila and Ambassador Hon Kiema Kilonzo are battling for the coveted party certificate to run for kitui Governorship in 2022.

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The Wiper Movement Democratic Party is lead by former Vice President His Excellency Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

Dr Stephen Musyoka is a Presidential candidate in 2022.

The Contest between three leading kitui gubernatorial candidates is likely to weaken the wiper party more than expected if the party honchos will not step in and hand the certificate to the popular candidate and make it possible for other candidates to support whoever will win in a fair game.

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Getting a wiper certificate and winning a kitui governorship contest will be different things altogether.

Who will fly the wiper ticket in 2022?

Will other candidates who were angling for the certificate in wiper support him? we have no Idea. Let’s watch as it unfolds.