Tested Leadership; Why you Must BenchMark in Machakos County


The collaboration between Machakos County Governor HE Wavinya Ndeti and the Speaker of the County Assembly Hon Anne Kiusya has been highly commended for their efficient working rapport for the people of “Mayakos”.

This positive relationship between the executive and legislative branches has resulted in effective governance and positive outcomes for the people of Machakos. Their ability to work together in harmony and respect for each other’s roles and responsibilities has set a prime example for other counties in Kenya.

Machakos is among premium counties that have laid red carpet for a Girls child in Kenya, The majority of leaders in Kenya have something to learn in Machakos, TCD digital reports.

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One of the key factors contributing to the success of Governor Wavinya and the Speaker is their mutual understanding of the importance of teamwork and shared goals. They both recognize the need to put aside personal differences and work towards a common vision for the development and progress of Machakos County.

Their ability to collaborate and communicate effectively has led to the implementation of various projects and programs that have benefited the residents of the county.

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Furthermore, the Governor and the Speaker have also been commended for their transparency and accountability in their respective roles. They have facilitated open communication with the citizens of Machakos, creating platforms for public engagement and participation in decision-making processes.

This inclusive approach has not only strengthened the bond between the government and the people but has also led to the formulation of policies and initiatives that address the needs and aspirations of the community.

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In conclusion, the excellent working relationship between Machakos County Governor Wavinya Ndeti and the Speaker of the County Assembly hon kiusya sets a shining example of effective governance and collaboration.

Their ability to put aside personal differences, work towards shared goals, and ensure transparency and accountability has led to positive outcomes for the people of Machakos. Their efforts serve as an inspiration for other leaders, highlighting the importance of teamwork and effective communication in achieving developmental goals.