Love should be our very style, our very climate, but it is difficult, it is very difficult, but it is not impossible. It is not easy, it is arduous, because there are deep complications.

The basic problem with love is what zoologists call the ‘territorial imperative’. Have you watched birds sitting on telegraph wires? They always sit a certain distance from each other.

There is an invisible line, a demarcation beyond which it becomes a trespass. Sometimes you may have seen that a cat is lying down, resting, relaxing. You pass by and she is not at all disturbed. When you start coming closer there is a certain point beyond which she will become alert, angry, annoyed, ready for fight or flight. But up to that certain point she will not take any note of you. That is her space.

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Each animal has his own space – that is his territory. If you enter that territory, you are trespassing.

You are dangerous and the concerned person, animal, man or woman, becomes defensive, gets ready for fight or flight.

That is the whole problem of love, because in love the distance has to be dropped. You have to allow others to trespass your being. That’s the problem. It is a very subtle boundary.


Humanity has learned how to allow people physically close but not to allow them psychologically.

But love is to allow people psychologically close to you. Love means dropping the territorial boundary. That invisible line has to disappear, hence fear arises, because it is our animal heritage.

That’s why, once you are in a loving state of mind, you go beyond animal heritage. For the first time you become human, really human.

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It is arduous, it is very subtle, but one has to watch and work on it. Just watch…. Whenever you see that you are becoming tense because somebody is entering your territory, relax. Remember that he is just like you. We live in people, we grow with people, our whole life is entangled with people. We exist through people.