Tempers flare: MP gives Ngilu dressing down as Governor vents anger on MCAs


By our Reporter

On 11th December, 2018, There was drama in a church fund raiser as an MP openly criticised Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu for behaving in a manner that belittles marginalised areas popularly referred to as Ndee Nation.

The debacle was stirred by the Governor’s arrival at the harambee at 5pm although the event was tipped to start at 10am in the morning. Loyal and obedient worshippers mainly women braved the exceedingly long wait but found defense from the youthful MP.

This occurred at Voo Catholic Church compound in Kitui East Constituency where Governor Ngilu was slated to preside over a harambee for construction of Voo Parish priest’s house.

When finally the Governor arrived in the evening some 65km from Kitui tow, obviously the ground had been already set for a clash with the area MP whose frosty relationship with the county boss can best be described as “nduu ya kasilili na maui”.

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Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai told the Governor that it was wrong to keep his people waiting for so long after spending the day in Matinyani and Kitui Central.

“Governor, these mamas hawajakula since morng nawe unakuja hapa jioni usiku after staying whole day in matinyani and Kitui Central. My Ndee people must be respected”, said the MP locally known as Kama Mbaya Mbaya.

Mbaya Mbaya criticised the Governor for using political hirelings and brokers citing the self styled Bishop Kyavoa instead of government officials or MCAs to pass crucial information.

A subdued Ngilu apologised profusely saying she had three other functions noting that she had informed the committee she would come late.

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When area MCA Nelson Musyoka took the floor after the usual niceties, he invited a local youth leader and Ngilu supporter nicknamed Katunda King’ang’i who did a little praise and worship lullaby for the Governor before asking for water pumps and tanks for youth to start vegetable farming by irrigation on the seasonal Thua river which winds long through the constituency.

When he spoke, Musyoka asked the Governor to fast rack the completion of the stalled Voo-Ngalakala water pipeline. That set the eloquent former Director of Cooperative Development under former Governor Dr Julius Malombe on a collision course with the county top gun.

The Governor was also irked by her increasingly frosty relationship with MCAs who have recently grown teeth and were baring their fangs threatening to teach the Governor an unforgettable political lesson. They are baring their fangs, axe and dagger threatening to trim her to size with a vicious and tight oversight onslaught to tame runaway corruption, wastefulness and the drift towards mindless despotism.

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The Governor tore into MCAs seeking to armtwist and blackmail them into passing her government bills at the County Assembly.

She said MCAs must first pass the supplementary budget before making any development requests.

A total of sh1.7 million was finally raised during the event although the target was sh3.5 million.

“Mwanosu ni Munaa. He almost left the function, alisema haezi gonjea mtu from saa tano to 5pm, kwani ko we inyaa Yesu. We had to calm him agonjee gavana”, said a resident who attended the meeting.