Temper flare – humour Run in during Waiguru Impeachment proceeding as lawyer Ndegwa Njiru Stole the show


The impeachment proceeding of Kirinyaga Governor at the Senate was marked with emotions, humour and counter attacks.

Tempers ebullition, it was really entertaining, the lead counsel for kirinyaga Assembly won the heart of many kenyans, but failed to link the Governor directly to malpractice’s in her government.

Here are some of the Points captured by County diary in Minji minji impeachment proceedings.

Counsel Ndegwa: Chair i would like to seek your indulgence and protection here.

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Sen Malala: yes Counsel.

Counsel Ndegwa: could my senior Mr. Waiganjo decide at this point whether he wants to be a spouse or legal counsel in this proceedings and avoid unnecessary emotional outbursts in this proceedings…

Counsel Waiganjo: bwana chair counsel is out of order!

Sen Malala: proceed Ndegwa.

Counsel Ndegwa: Mr. Waiganjos role in this proceeding is tad confusing on one hand he wants to hold hands and be a loving husband at the same time be counsel on record for the Governor.

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Counsel Waiganjo: Chair i take great exception in the insinuation by counsel that i cannot be objective both as a husband and counsel in this proceedings.

Counsel Ndegwa: Senior you are conflicted, your wife is accused of harbouring criminal gangs in her office that run roughshod on wananchi.

Counsel Waiganjo: That is a preposterous accusation, you have no respect for your seniors, this young lawyers ate training their guns on the wrong side…


Sen Malala: ORDER! ORDER! counsels!

Ndegwa: murmuring, decide whether you want to cuddle or be a lawyer, this is serious business not the latest episode of the kardashians…

Sen Malala: Mr. Ndegwa you are out of order..